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Published on January 31st, 2013 | by Cloudchief


Google Authorship is a Powerful Tool for Your Business

Today I would like to talk to you about the value of Google’s authorship program. Many bloggers are not aware of the benefits of setting up an authorship account with Google. Until recently, when someone falsely claimed authorship of my blog (more on that later) I had not looked in to this option in detail.

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Google Authorship is a Tool That All Bloggers Should Use

When you sign up for Google authorship, your name and picture will appear next to search results leading to your blog. This allows for a more personal feel to the search results. A searcher is much more likely to check out your site over the other sites presented to them if they can create some sort of connection with you. A picture allows them to see that a real person is behind the website.

Google AuthorshipGoogle authorship also allows searchers to choose to look at all of the pages published by a specific author. This means that if they are interested in your content they will be given a whole range of it to choose from and possibly become much more interested in your site than they would have otherwise.

The other major benefit of authorship is that it tells Google that your content is the original version. This can be a valuable tool to prevent thieves from republishing your work under their name.

If you are interested in using Google Authorship, then you can find all of the information you need on this page. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about setting up Google Authorship.

Now that I have told you why Google Authorship is a beneficial tool for you to utilize I would like to share with you the unfortunate circumstances that brought it to my attention.

Set Up Google Authorship on Your Blog Before Someone Finds a Way to Steal Authorship of Their Content

Recently, I pulled up Google and did a search for one of my articles to see where it was ranking. My article came up but next to the article was a picture of someone else and his name was written under the article as the author. As you can imagine this was very upsetting! The article was still only on my blog and the link went to my blog, however if you clicked his name then it would pull up his Google +1 account. After seeing this I pulled up my other articles and saw that they were all said to be written by two different people.

google authorship


I will save most of my thoughts about taking shortcuts and not adding value for another post. For now, I would just like to sum it up by saying, if you don’t add value and you only take from others then you will never succeed.

You can make sales without adding value to other people but you will never be able to become financially independent and live your dreams.

If you are interested in becoming financially independent and making your dreams come true I can show you how to do it. I can show you how to retire within a year using Empower as a tool. By joining team “Sky is the Limit” you get my step by step training videos which eliminate all the guess work and technical knowledge of this business. I will continue to add more videos and come up with more ways to help out my team. You will also be able to communicate directly with me and other members of team “Sky is the Limit” so that we can help with any problems that you encounter, syndicate your content, and share ideas to help improve the team.

May you have success in all that you do!

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